NTISB Advisories


Adv-01 (Fake/Malicious Website Spoofed as Legitimate Government Website) Adv-02 (Apple Products Zero Day Attack Latest Mitigation Measures) Adv-03 (Pakistan’s Digital Blackout – Fake Propaganda and Response Initiative at Financial Sector)
Adv-04 (Fake Emails to Ministries/Divisions) Adv-05 (Dubious Adult Chat Applications) Adv-06 (Hostile APTs Targeting Pakistani Officials with Android Apps for Data Exfiltration Via Google Play Store)
Adv-07 (Microsoft Patches for 61x Vulnerabilities in March, 2024 Updates) Adv-08 (Analysis Report Phishing Based Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Targeting Intelligence Bureau Division’s (IBD Officers)  


Adv-01 ( Malware Analysis - Installation of Smart-S RADAR Onboard OV2600T) Adv-02 (Dubious Adult Chat Applications OV2600T) Adv-03 (Dark Pink APT)
Adv-04 (Ransomware Attacks on VMWare ESXi Unpatched Servers) Adv-06 (Critical vulnerability in Apple Products) Adv-10 (Awareness Regarding Fraudulent/Fake E-mail)
Adv-11 (Critical Vulnerabilities in Apple Products) Adv-12 (Critical Vulnerabilities in Android Version-11 and Above) Adv-15 (Spear Phishing Email)
Adv-16 (Cautious Use of Websites Containing Ads/Redirection) Adv-17 (Safe Usage of Mobile Phone to Avoid Hacking) Adv-19 (Critical Vulnerabilities in Apple Products)
Adv-20 (Apple Updates - Two Critical Vulnerabilities Affecting Apple Products) Adv-21 (Microsoft Latest Security Updates) Adv-22 (Critical vulnerabilities in Paper Cut Print Management Software)
Adv-24 (Prevention Against Kill Net Russian APT) Adv-25 CISCO Releases Critical Security Patch Updates Adv-26 Critical Vulnerabilities of Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adv-27 Secure Usage of 3rd - Party Media/Fiber Adv-29 Android Malware Goldoson Infects Google Play Apps Adv-30 Notification of IP addresses Potentially Targeted with Sophisticated Malware
Adv-31 Cyber Security Threat of ChatGPT Adv-36 Cyber Security Threat of ChatGPT Adv-38 Microsoft Patches (132x vulnerabilities)
Adv-40 Apple MacOS Critical Vulnerability Migraine Patches Available Adv-41 Personal Cybersecurity Guidance for Government Officials Adv-42 Threat Actors Spying on iPhones Through Zero-Click Spyware
Adv-43 Surge in Financial Banking Scams & Prevention  Adv-44 Updated List of Malicious Application Adv-45 Critical Vulnerabilities in Apple Products
Adv-46 Hacking Attempts of Hostile Intelligence Agencies (HIAs) Using Spoofed Messages Adv-47 Prevention against Website Compromise on the Eve of National Days Adv-48 Use of Indian Origin Products & Services by Pakistani Industry, Fintech and Banking Sector
Adv-49 Patchwork An Indian APT Group Adv-50 Threat Actors Targeting Government Offices/Officials Through Impersonation  Adv-51 Power Management Software Vulnerability in Data Centers
Adv-52 WinRAR Critical Vulnerability Exploitation via Phishing Emails Adv-53 Prevention Against Financial Scam Activities - Impersonation as Govt Officials Adv-54 Cyber Security Advisory Secure Email Communications
Adv-55 Latest Android Patches/Updates/Fixing Zero Day Vulnerabilities Adv-56 Apple iPhones Targeted with Blast Pass Exploit to Deploy Pegasus Spyware Adv-58 Adobe Acrobat Reader Critical Vulnerabilities Patch Available
Adv-59 Google Chrome Version Update Adv-60 Juniper Releases Sep 2023 Critical Patch Update Adv-61 Microsoft Patches 59 x Vulnerabilities Including 2 x Zero Days
Adv-63 Dead Glyph Backdoor Adv-64 User Level Common Oversights Adv - 66 CCTV Camera Safe Usage Guidelines
Adv - 67 Use of Online Matrimonial Apps and Sites by HIAs Adv - 68 Online Camera App – NoteCam Lite -GPS Memo Camera Adv - 69 Apple Products Latest CVE Patch Updates Available


Adv-4 (Zero - Day Alert Zimbra Vulnerabilities) Adv-5 (Malware Alert - Fake Windows 11) Adv-7 (Govt App - PTA Introduced New App)
Adv-11 (Apple 0 - Days Patches for MacOS/IOS) Adv-13 (SPAM Mails for Govt Jobs / Recruitments) Adv-14 (Advisory - Fresh List of Malicious Appls)
Adv-15 (Advisory - Prevention against Cyber Espionage) Adv-19 (Apple Zero - Day Updates for Macs / Watches) Adv-20 (Cyber Security Advisory - Vulnerable IT Infrastructure of Internet Service Providers (ISPs))
Adv-23 (Advisory - UPAS Malware) Adv-24 (Cyber Security Advisory - New Malware / Suspicious Appl "Nebula Shopping")) Adv-26 (Cyber Threat Advisory - Malware Analysis Report - PIM June Training Activity)
Adv-27 (Cyber Threat Advisory - Malware Analysis Report - Fresh Demand Deputation) Adv-28 (Update Alert - Google Chrome Browser)) Adv-29 (Cyber Security Advisory - APT Hackers Targeting Industrial Control Systems with ShadowPad Backdoor)
Adv-30 (Cyber Security Advisory - Protective Measures against Hermit Spyware ) Adv-31 (Cyber Alert - Microsoft releases July 2022)) Adv-32 (Phishing Site - Masqueraded Links)
Adv-33 (Cyber Security Advisory - Prevention against Typosquatting Attacks ) Adv-35 (Cyber Security Advisory - Zimbra Email Suite Vulnerability Critical Patches)) Adv-36 (Cyber Security Advisory - Oracle and Juniper Releases July 2022 Critical Patch Update)
Adv-37 (WordPress Sites hacked with Fake Cloudflare DDoS Alerts Pushing) Adv-38 (Prevention against Fraudulent Website) Adv-40 (Play Store Apps Spying on Android Users Using Face Stealer)
Adv-41 (Threat Alert-Microsoft Updates) Adv-43 (Unpatched Microsoft Exchange Server Zero-Day Under Active Exploitation) Adv-44 (Malware Targeting unsigned vSphere Installation Bundles)
Adv-45 (Apple Zero Day Vulnerability - iOS and iPadOS) Adv-46 (Zimbra Releases patch for activity Exploited Vulnerability) Adv-47 (WordPress Addresses More Than A Dozen Bugs in Update)
Adv-48 (Apache Vulnerability) Adv-49 (Prevention against Espoinage via Typosquatting Attacks) Adv-51 (Spear Phishing Cases on Rise - Golden Jackal)
Adv-53 (Leakage of Sensitive Data on Dark Web) Adv-54 (Cyber Attacks Against Pakistan by Sidewinder APT Group) Adv-55 (Malicious Android Apps Targeting Users in South Asia)
Adv-56 (Fortinet Releases Critical Patch Update) Adv-57 (Microsoft Releases Critical Patch Update Including Two Zero-Days)